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Are DIY WeddingFlorals for you?

With the recent wave of Do It Yourselfers, you may think that saving money on arranging your own wedding or special event florals is something you want to do. You will save money, there’s no question about that. You will also get the rewarding feeling of creating something special for your big day or event. Before you decide to take on doing your own wedding flowers, it’s best to consider several questions:

  • DO YOU HAVE THE EXTRA TIME? The week of your wedding is filled with so many wonderful activities and things can get overwhelming. It takes time to make the perfect bouquet and other floral designs. Make sure you have plenty of time and support to complete the tasks at hand. Fresh flowers are typically picked up two days before wedding for designing.

  • DO YOU HAVE A GOOD SUPPORT TEAM TO HELP PUT TOGETHER THE BOUQUETS AND ARRANGEMENTS? Wedding floral design is not typically something you will want to do on your own.  It’s best to have plenty of help. If you have bridesmaids, they are your “go-to” helpers for your big day and would surely love to assist with the floral arranging as well. And maybe you have friends or family members that love to work with flowers too. Whomever you enlist, they will be a big help to you! You could even make the floral arranging time into a “girl’s night in get together”.  Pick up your flowers on Thursday, add some snacks and create!

  • DO YOU HAVE WORKSPACE TO DO THE FLORAL ARRANGING? Design work is messy. There will be a lot of cut leaves and stems piling up, needing disposal. You will need an area that is cool and has ready access to water. A large kitchen counter works great if you aren’t preparing the florals at the venue.

  • DO YOU HAVE ALL THE TOOLS YOU WILL NEED? You will need garden snips, buckets, vases, and various other supplies. Everyone has vases laying around. You can call your friends and ask them to save various jars and bottles to be used for the table florals. Thrift shops and yard sales are also places you can find vases and jars at a reasonable price.

  • DO YOU HAVE THE ABILITY TO TRANSPORT AND STORE THE BOUQUETS AND ARRANGEMENTS ONCE YOU ARE DONE WITH YOUR DESIGNS? If you are doing the design work somewhere other than the event, you will need to figure out how to transport vases filled with flowers and water to your final destination.  A car with seats that fold down to hold everything level is great. Crates, boxes, even drink carriers can be used to hold vases for transportation. Once again, a good support team will come in handy caring for and transporting your designs.

There are many tutorials on floral design to be found online as well.  Designing your own wedding florals is a budget friendly option for brides and it can be extremely rewarding to “Do It Yourself”!

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