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Flower Arrangement

- FAQ-

What are your growing practices?

We grow organically doing our best not to disrupt the natural surroundings of the farm

Can I visit the farm to see the quality of your flowers?

Visits are by appointment only. Please don’t stop by for an unscheduled visit as no one will be available to help you. We will be busy “farming” :)

I would like to buy bulk flowers for my wedding and design my own arrangements. When can I schedule a consultation?

For most DIY weddings, consultations are held by phone or email.

What do I do if I am going out of town and have to miss a pick up?

Please try to have someone else pick up and benefit from the beautiful flowers. We can always find a home for lonely flowers! However with enough advance notice we will do our best to reschedule pick-ups.

What’s the best way to care for my flowers?

Our flowers are grown, harvested and handled to provide the longest vase life possible.  Simply give stems a fresh cut at an angle with sharp scissors and remove any leaves that will be below the water line.  Place in a clean vase of fresh cool water. A floral preservative can be added if desired and freshen the water every 1-2 days.  Display your blooms away from heat and direct sunlight and away from ripening produce (like bananas). A clean vase is imperative for longevity!

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